I received the nicest email this morning from one of my customers! I had a session with her family last week and when I arrived at the house she warned me that their three year old boy E. simply hated having his picture taken. The only recent photo they had of him was taken by the school photographer in between two sobs…

I decided to leave the camera in my bag and simply play Mega Blocks with E for a little while until he got used to me. He was such a sweetheart and didn’t mind when I eventually got the camera out, in fact he seemed to quite enjoy posing for me! I feel very lucky that I can take the time to get to know the children during the session, it makes all the difference between the portraits I am able to take and the ones you would get in a quick studio session or at school. I also believe that photographing the children in their own home makes them feel more secure and comfortable.

“Dear Stephanie, Thank you, thank you so much for the photos. They are exactly how I wished them to be and you are a genius! We all really enjoyed the session and Ewan still talks about it now! He has never ever willingly allowed anyone but you to take his photo and you have captured his personality so well. Toby looks adorable (I am slightly biased of course!) and there are so many lovely ones of Stu and the boys. […] Thank you again, Regards, EY”

Thank you EY for your kind message, you made my day!