Eweleaze Photo Challenge 2020

Thank you so much for participating in the second edition of our photo challenge! You can view all the entries below and the winners are announced at the end of this page, with category and overall winners…


Katie, Georgie and John

Lily, Lilly, Orla and Emily

Iris, Henry and Louis

Julia, Lara and Mei

And the winners are….

Best Sport

Great action capture by Katie, Georgie and John, you can especially see the sporting efforts of John’s face!


Best Perspective

Really very hard to choose a winnder for this one as they were all brilliant! I particularly like the effect of the bottle distortion on Iris’ face here, great shot!


Best Nature

Green on green, well spotted girls!

Best Fashion

I really like the composition of this one, hats off to Henry and Louis and Iris (great modelling!)


Best Mystery

They (nearly) broke into the cemetery to get this shot, well done ELLO team, nice angle on this one! 

Funniest Photo

When a mid-afternoon nap turns into extreme sport!

Best edit

So good it made it to the cover of Vogue!

Strangest Shot

You clearly went to a lot of effort to make this shot, mysterious and just a little bit gross too! I wouldn’t expect any less from the mum’s team!

Most Edgy

Another one which could easily make it into Vogue, very cool! Action and fashion in a single shot, nice work Iris, Henry and Louis!

Best set of 5

It was a very close one again this year, but the strongest set goes to the boys team, congrats Iris, Henry and Louis!