Sara got in touch with me last month to organise a session with her family. I felt I already knew Sara a little as she is often kind enough to leave “likes” and comments on my facebook page. We were hoping to have a session in the bluebells but there is always a bit of guesswork to work out when they will be out. It depends on the weather but it is usually towards the end of April/beginning of May. Last Sunday we ventured into Sara’s local woods with her husband Malcolm and gorgeous children Aisling and Calum.

The bluebells were not in full bloom yet but we did find some patches, enough for a few images with the very cute Aisling.

It was a very relaxed session, we went on an adventure looking for the Gruffalo (he was hiding very well), balanced on logs, played hide and seek and even found a den.

Photo session in the woods

The children had a go at taking photos too, I have to give 2 year old Aisling credit for this one:

At the end of the session, as we were saying goodbye, the children ran off into the front garden and then promptly came back with a daisy for me – at that point my heart melted!

Thank you so much for a lovely session.