I have spent the past five years photographing families and whilst I have been enjoying every minute of it, I also feel sad that I have been progressively getting worse at documenting my own…

I am actually ashamed to say that I didn’t take a single photo over Christmas, what kind of photographer am I! In French we have a say for this: “les cordonniers sont les plus mal chaussés” (i.e. “cobblers have the worst shoes”) well that is definitely true in my case.

I have decided to commit to a 365 project this year (and hopefully for many years to come): take 1 photo every day, it doesn’t need to be amazing, all I want to do is document our family life as the children grow. So here is my first, just a trip to the barber’s with Louis.

You can follow my progress on Flickr over the next 12 months and shout if you see me slack – I know my mum will!