You may remember my new year resolution last year of taking a photo every single day… Well I started pretty well but ran out of steam after about 6 months, it was hard work! I am so pleased to have captured a big chunk of our family life in 2011 so it was totally worth it. Setting a personal project is also a great way to practice and push yourself to try new things so I was determined to set myself another challenge this year.

This time we are doing it as a group with my photography course students, I am hoping that a bit of accountability will help me meet my goal! We have set ourselves the challenge of taking one photo per week, to follow a theme.

The theme for our first week was “Cold”. I had visions of snow, frost, mist but the weather had other plans and it’s pretty mild here in the UK for this time of year. I decided to take Emily to our local woods and thought hard about how to portray coldness/winter. I looked for bare branches, trying to avoid anything green and came across a bush with bare spindly branches, perfect! I asked Emily to step back into the bush so that I could shoot through the branches, observing the direction of the light, I made her face the sun (which was behind the clouds) to get some catchlights in her eyes. I used a cooler than natural white balance (4000K) in camera, which created the cold tones I was after for my winter picture.

As an extra bonus, there was a little bit of wind so I asked her to stay there for a couple of minutes and snapped whenever I saw the wind blowing in her hair. This one was my favourite:

Look out for this week’s photo on the blog soon, the theme for week 2 is “Breakfast” (my favourite meal of the day!).