Dizzy Bee Kitchen is a lovely local food business based here in St Albans and run by Nicky Halloran. Nicky started Dizzy Bee after she developed her own super healthy granola recipe for her family and she now sells her handmade granola at shops and farmers markets around St Albans.
I was really excited when Nicky contacted me with regards to a commercial photo shoot, partly because my own family eats (and loves) her granola and partly because I admire her strong sense of branding and I was excited to translate that branding into her photography.

As a small business owner, Nicky recognises the value of quality images to help her brand stand out online. After seeing my own work online Nicky contacted me with a brief which was simply to create some beautiful food and packaging images for her website and social media. As with all my commercial photography sessions we discussed the requirements in detail beforehand, we talked about the brand and the importance of the right styling so that on the day of the shoot everything could run smoothly.

Stephanie really listened to what I wanted and communicated very clearly how we needed to proceed, on the day she was excellent giving great advice and styling ideas. She was brilliant and it was a really enjoyable morning!

Nicky Halloran

Owner, Dizzy Bee Kitchen

I certainly agree that it was an enjoyable morning, it’s always a pleasure to work alongside passionate business owners who understand the value of quality imagery and also have a strong sense of their own brand. It’s an added bonus when those business owners are as lovely as Nicky and also feed me delicious healthy food during the shoot!

You can see a small selection of the images from the Dizzy Bee Kitchen photoshoot below.

Nicky’s own response to the session: “The outcome is even better than I hoped, totally gorgeous pictures! Stephanie is extremely talented, friendly and interprets whatever you want into beautiful shots.”
You can keep up with Dizzy Bee Kitchen and find out where you can buy the delicious granola on Facebook and Instagram.