When I turn up for staff headshots at a new client’s office, the employees’ reaction is often a little mixed… Some simply dread being in front of a camera, some are pleased about finally getting a long-overdue professional headshot. My aim is to make the experience as painless as possible, and even, dare I say it, enjoyable!

But what is it all for, really? For marketing directors and HR directors, having good staff headshots is crucial, and here are 10 reasons why…

1. The “Meet the Team” page


This is the page where prospective clients get a real feel for the vibe of the company. For these photos, the choice of dress code, background, lighting and expression come together to convey the company’s values and put the right message across.

Relaxed or formal, edgy or traditional, consistency is key. Although the headshots don’t need to all look exactly the same, it’s important that they have a similar feel and are “on brand”.

Staff headshots meet the team
recruitment staff headshots

2. A recruitment tool


It’s not just potential clients who will be looking at the “Meet the Team” page, it’s also potential new recruits. This will help them assess if the company is a good match for them, and if the staff is diverse in terms of age, gender, ethnicity.

A friendly and approachable look on the photos can help people feel at ease before their first interview.

3. LinkedIn profile photo


Encouraging employees to use their professional photos on LinkedIn will help the company achieve that consistency too.

While I don’t necessarily advise forcing everyone to update their LinkedIn profile shots with their official company photo, hopefully they will be doing this of their own accord as it makes them look professional. 

Staff headshots meet the team
recruitment staff headshots

4. Staff headshots for internal comms


With more and more people working remotely, it might become increasingly difficult for staff to put a face to a name when working with new colleagues.

Associating faces with names is an important aspect of internal communication and can help avoid awkwardness when people do meet up in person. 

 5. Website and brochure

In many cases, a few action shots showing real employees rather than models and stock images will create authenticity and give your clients a good sense of what the company does.

This is also the opportunity to show the environment where the company operates (offices, studio, factory, urban, rural…)

Click here to see more examples of corporate photography for online and print use.

corporate photography in Hertfordshire employee meeting
recruitment staff headshots

6. Social media


Photos of staff on social media will often get more engagement than stock images, these can be used to create an employee spotlight, or to celebrate staff milestones like employment anniversaries.

Action shots work particularly well for this to show how staff members interact with each other and with clients. Always make sure you get consent from staff members before sharing their photos on social platforms. 

7. Press release


Press releases often require a very quick turnaround, so having good images of key staff at hand is extremely useful in those situations, as photos really go a long way to help get good press coverage

staff headshot for press release
recruitment staff headshots

8. Guest speaker opportunity


A good headshot may be required for a speaker opportunity at a conference, an award ceremony, an article, or a guest blog.

In this environment, a good photo can be a confidence boost, just like a bad photo can make the employee feel like they would rather hide. No photo at all could be an option but is also likely to make the contributor’s identity less memorable.

9. Team bonding


A headshot day at the office always creates a bit of a buzz, and I love that! Breaking the normal office routine, it can be a bonding experience for employees, as those who work remotely will often come in especially and have a catch-up.

Posing together for group photos and action shots can also be a fun experience and create lasting memories. 

relaxed corporate team photo tech company
recruitment staff headshots

10. Sense of pride and value


Last but not least, a good headshot can be a real treat and give an employee a real sense of pride and belonging. A company investing in professional headshots for their staff undoubtedly makes them feel more valued.

They might even want to share these photos with family members who are not used to seeing them in a professional setting (“I’ll print a copy for my mum, she will love it!”).

Environmental portraits are particularly great for this, capturing people at work and showing their expertise. 

Do you need staff headshots for your company?

I offer professional headshots, environmental business portraits, corporate photography, and event photography throughout Hertfordshire.

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