Love your flash – Group class


A 2 hour online class to help demystify flash photography. This course is aimed at professional photographers or serious hobbyist who feel comfortable shooting in manual mode.


Sometimes, there just isn’t enough ambient light to capture a scene the way we want to. That’s where a flashgun comes in very handy, adding extra light when you need it. By controlling the power and the direction of the light, you can make the result look very natural and capture special moments.

This 2-hour class is aimed at those who feel intimidated by their flash and would like to be able to shoot in all lighting conditions, including lifestyle family shoots, events, product photography, personal branding shoots etc.

For this class, you must be familiar with the concepts of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO and able to shoot in manual mode. 

If you already own a flashgun, I recommend having it ready for the class so you can already start practicing during our session, but it is not compulsory.

If you don’t yet own a flashgun, I recommend a Godox one which is great to start building up your lighting equipment, with a view to possibly getting more Godox lighting further down the line:
Godox v860iii for Sony cameras
Godox v860iii for Nikon cameras
Godox v860iii for Canon cameras

“I just wanted to send you a message as I had my first event on Friday after taking your flash course and it went really well! Everything made so much sense and I was able to take photos I was really pleased with. The client loves the ones they’ve seen too! Thank you so so much as your course was amazing. So clear and helpful.”

This class is limited to 4 participants.

Price: £69.